Short Biography

I am an Assistant Professor in Computer Science in the Department of Information Technology, College of Computer and Information Science at King Saud University. My research is focused within the fields of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Distributed Systems.

I am a investigator at the HCI lab at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Techbology (KACST). Within HCI, I explore the design and development of interactive systems that support interaction with digital information through the physical environment, i.e. Tangible Bits and Radical Atoms visions. My focus in this area is the visualisation and manipulation of information via physical means that build up from theoretical foundations that support inherent cognitive abilities of users.  My interest in HCI also expands to Accessibility, particularly accessible interactive systems for users who are visually impaired or hard of hearing.

Under the umbrella of distributed systems, I am a co-investigator with the Smart Distributed Systems research group at King Saud University.I explore the design of multiple agent environments to model and sustain their communication, knowledge, and decision-making processes (Distributed Artificial Intelligence). In this area, my focus has been on biologically inspired solutions for detect-and-treat (DAT) and search-and-rescue (SAR) missions. My interest also extends to the application of artificial intelligence in the design of balancing solutions for evacuation plans considering wide-ranging variables.

My current HCI research is focused on the design of tangible interactive systems for children with disabilities that supports literacy development. I also have ongoing projects inspired from biological systems (e.g. fish behaviour and bacteria foraging behaviour) to solve task allocation problem of a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These projects approach the  particularities of an optimisation problem to achieve better performance compared to problem-independent heuristics. You can find out more about my current and past projects on my research page.

Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering at animal shelters and travelling to new countries and getting to celebrate different cultures.

Academic Positions

  • 2017 - present Assistant Professor

    College of Computer and Information Sciences
    King Saud University

  • 2013-2016 PhD Canditate

    Computing Science Department
    University of Leeds

  • 2007-2017 Teaching Assistant

    College of Computer and Information Science
    King Saud University

Selected Publications

More Publications

Blockchain Use Cases in Digital Sectors: A Review of the Literature

The 2018 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain (in press)
Al-Megren, S., Alsalamah, S., Altoaimy, L., Alsalamah, Hessah., Soltanisehat, L., Almutairi, E., and Pentland, A.

A Predictive Fingerstroke-Level Model for Smartwatch Interaction

Journal of Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, Volume 2, Number 3, 38.
Al-Megren, S.
Publisher's website

Effect of Exit Placement on Evacuation Plans

European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 269, Number 2, Pages 749-759
Heba A. Kurd, Shiroq Al-Megren, Reham Althunyan, and Asma Almulifi
Publisher's website

Research Projects